Everything to do with the Validity HD Wallet.

Encrypting your Wallet – Recommended!

Wallet encryption is highly recommended and simple to implement. Simply go to Settings (along the top navigation of the wallet). Then click on Encrypt Wallet. You will be prompted to enter a passphrase. Enter something only you could know. A complex passphrase is preferable. Once confirmed, any time you would like to SEND Radium and/or [...]

Encrypting your Wallet – Recommended!2019-04-04T16:11:56-04:00

Installing the Radium Core Wallet

Browse to the location of the downloaded wallet file and double-click either the EXE (Windows) or the DMG (Mac), depending on your operating system. Linux users will need to compile the wallet separately, which we will discuss later on. For Windows users, you may be prompted by Windows Firewall to allow the application to run [...]

Installing the Radium Core Wallet2019-04-04T16:11:20-04:00

Downloading the Radium Core Wallet

You can download the latest version of the RadiumCore wallet from our official website here: https://validitytech.com/products/ Select the appropriate download option for your operating system, and save the file to your preferred location.

Downloading the Radium Core Wallet2019-04-04T16:09:45-04:00

Restoring a Backup of Your Wallet

Close your wallet if it is running. Press the Windows Key +R to open the Run dialogue. Type in %Appdata% and hit Enter. A window will open and you should see a folder entitled “radium.” Double click to enter that folder and you will see a file called “wallet.dat” Best practice is to rename this [...]

Restoring a Backup of Your Wallet2019-04-04T16:08:53-04:00

Creating a Backup of Your Wallet

From the topmost navigation, select File. Click on Backup Wallet. Select a destination to save your wallet and save it. NOTE: Any time you generate a new wallet address, you must create a new backup. In fact, we recommend periodic backups just in case since sending Radium can also result in new addresses. Store the [...]

Creating a Backup of Your Wallet2019-04-04T16:08:15-04:00

Unlocking your Wallet – Required for Staking/Sending RADS

Unlocking your wallet is required for both Staking and sending RADS. Simply go to Settings (along the top navigation of the wallet). Then click Unlock Wallet. The following window will pop up: Enter your passphrase. Now, if you are attempting to stake your current holdings, it is recommended that you check the box “For Staking [...]

Unlocking your Wallet – Required for Staking/Sending RADS2019-04-04T16:07:53-04:00

How to Stake Radium – WIN/MAC

This is a simple guide to starting a Radium Core Wallet node and getting it to start staking. Step 1. Download First go to https://validitytech.com/downloads and download the Radium Core wallet for your operating system. For security click on the 'Verify on ConceptCrypt' link to check the validity of the file hash. Step 2. Sync Once you [...]

How to Stake Radium – WIN/MAC2019-04-04T16:04:07-04:00

Basic Overview

Overview Validity is a decentralized blockchain service provider utilizing a modified Proof-Of-Stake utility token to deliver services that enhance security, productivity, and organizational transparency.  We are building a suite of decentralized services to assist in fostering the trust and security that the Internet lacks in order to allow innovation to flourish in today’s complex environment. [...]

Basic Overview2020-12-21T13:06:40-05:00

Staking Overview

Overview Staking is the process by which Radium network grows and secures its blockchain. Instead of mining, Radium uses the Blackcoin Proof-Of-Stake v3 protocol for generating new blocks/coins. Staking requires a balance of Radium coins in the wallet, in order to stake. The larger the balance, the more stake-weight, or staking power the wallet has, [...]

Staking Overview2019-04-04T16:01:29-04:00
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