How Can We Help?

  1. Open the Radium wallet if it is not already open.
  2. Go to Settings (along the top navigation of the wallet).
  3. Then click Unlock Wallet. The following window will pop up:
  4. Enter your passphrase.
  5. Check the box that states “For Staking Only.” This will ensure that you can stake, but your RADS cannot be transferred.
  6. Press OK.
  7. To confirm that your wallet is staking correctly:
    1. Make sure that if your wallet is encrypted, that you have it unlocked for Staking (as per above.) This can be confirmed by hovering over the lock symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the wallet.
    2. Once confirmed, move your wallet over the lightning bolt symbol, again in the bottom left hand corner of the wallet.
    3. Last, make sure that you have adequate connections to the network by hovering over the signal strength bars.
      1. If you only have 1 active connection to the radium network, please see the KB article regarding how to add additional peers. Typically the process is automatic, but in certain instances, may require manual intervention.