Adding Additional Network Peers to your Wallet

Adding additional peers to your wallet is only necessary if the automated peer-discovery fails, which is rare. You can check to see how many peers you are connected to by hovering over the signal strength bars in the bottom left hand corner of the wallet client. Begin by closing your wallet. Press the Windows Key [...]

Adding Additional Network Peers to your Wallet2019-04-04T16:19:22-04:00

Staking your Radium

Open the Radium wallet if it is not already open. Go to Settings (along the top navigation of the wallet). Then click Unlock Wallet. The following window will pop up: Enter your passphrase. Check the box that states “For Staking Only.” This will ensure that you can stake, but your RADS cannot be transferred. Press [...]

Staking your Radium2019-04-04T16:17:47-04:00

How to Stake Radium – WIN/MAC

This is a simple guide to starting a Radium Core Wallet node and getting it to start staking. Step 1. Download First go to and download the Radium Core wallet for your operating system. For security click on the 'Verify on ConceptCrypt' link to check the validity of the file hash. Step 2. Sync Once you [...]

How to Stake Radium – WIN/MAC2019-04-04T16:04:07-04:00

Staking Overview

Overview Staking is the process by which Radium network grows and secures its blockchain. Instead of mining, Radium uses the Blackcoin Proof-Of-Stake v3 protocol for generating new blocks/coins. Staking requires a balance of Radium coins in the wallet, in order to stake. The larger the balance, the more stake-weight, or staking power the wallet has, [...]

Staking Overview2019-04-04T16:01:29-04:00
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