How Can We Help?

  1. As with anything to do with your wallet, make a backup first!
  2. Press the Windows Key + R to open the RUN dialogue.
  3. Enter “cmd” and press Enter.
  4. A command prompt window will pop up.
  5. Type “cd PATH-RADIUM-EXE”, ie, “cd C:\Users\John\Desktop”
    1. Tech Tip: “cd” means Change Directory
  6. Once you are working within the operating directory, enter “WALLETNAME.exe –repairwallet” and hit Enter. For example, “5.1.0.exe –repairwallet”
  7. You may also run the “-checkwallet” parameter using these same steps in order to confirm the wallet is in proper working order.
  8. Furthermore, both the “checkwallet” and “repairwallet” commands can be run from within the Radium Wallet Console via HELP > DEBUG WINDOW > CONSOLE.