How Can We Help?

  1. Adding additional peers to your wallet is only necessary if the automated peer-discovery fails, which is rare. You can check to see how many peers you are connected to by hovering over the signal strength bars in the bottom left hand corner of the wallet client.
  2. Begin by closing your wallet.
  3. Press the Windows Key +R to open the Run dialogue.
  4. Type in %Appdata% and hit Enter.
  5. A window will open and you should see a folder entitled “radium.”
  6. Double click to enter that folder.
    1. FOR MAC USERS: Browse to ~/Library/Application Support/radium/
  7. Click this link to download the latest peers file:
      1. If it does not prompt you to download automatically, you will see a list of the peers in your browser. Simply press CTRL + S to save the file.
    2. We will periodically update this downloadable peers file for your convenience.
  8. Save/Move the radium.conf file to your “radium” folder from step 6.
  9. Open your wallet and check your connections again. You should be connected to several more peers now. Worth noting, you will most likely not connect to every peer on the list.